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A new study from ABF Economics released by the Minnesota Bio-Fuels Association reveals that shifting from E10 to E15 across Minnesota would have significant economic and environmental benefits for the state.

Specifically, the report shows that a statewide transition to E15 would:

  • Contribute nearly $1.1 billion to Minnesota’s GDP
  • Support nearly 20,000 full-time jobs
  • Generate $809 million in household income
  • Reduce CO2 emissions an additional one million metric tons

The release of this study comes on the heels of a record-breaking year of high gas prices across the country. Thanks to President Joe Biden’s emergency waiver, Minnesotans saved $.23 per gallon by filling up with E15 during last summer’s peak driving season (June-September 2022) according to the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

The Minnesota Ethanol Producers Association remains hopeful that Minnesota will become the next state to make the transition to E15 statewide. In the meantime, we join other agriculture, biofuels, fuel retailers and elected leaders across Minnesota in calling on President Biden and the EPA to once again authorize sales of E15 this summer when Minnesotans need it most.